Values & Philosophy

Free Culture

Through the commons we will advance one another. Open source/free software, Open Government, Open everything!

Health & Lifestyle

Supporting lifestyle projects that emphasise nutrition, exercise, focused mind, and balanced life

Arts & Humanities

Artists, musicians, photographers, this is an invitation: let's show the world what you are doing!

Equal Opportunity

How can we advance education to level the playing field? Open education efforts hold promise for a more equitable future

Open Government

Have supported initiatives in open government, such as MapLight and GeoPlatform, which utilize and advocate open data


Been out shoveling compost (with a smile) and learning ways to live more ecologically. How can we advance ecological awareness?


Stanford Graduate School of Business

Change Lives. Change Organizations. Change the World.

Our mission is to create ideas that deepen and advance our understanding of management and with those ideas to develop innovative, principled, and insightful leaders who change the world.

Role: Partnered with marketing to shape the site towards story telling, by way of site redesign and 'Voices' functionality

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Stanford Bug Bounty

Collected several rewards through the Stanford Bug Bounty - helping to identify and resolve several highly severe vulnerabilities effecting the greater organization

Bug Bounty

Four Kitchens: Global Academy for Continuing Medical Education

Provides doctors and medical professionals with the latest news and activities to sharpen their skills and keep abreast on the latest medical technologies and techniques.

Role: Hand-picked to provide additional push toward launch, contributed backlog fixes, data migration, and Behat testing

ArdentMC: Homeland Security Enterprise - Geospatial Concept of Operations

Part of the GeoPlatform, an effort which embodies the principles and spirit of Open Government, emphasizing government-to-citizen communication, accountability, and transparency.

The GeoPlatform supports open formats, data standards, and common core and extensible metadata.

Role: Saw project through to delivery within expedited contract window.

MapLight: Revealing money's influence on politics

MapLight seeks to shine a light on our money-dominated political system so citizens can be more informed about the potential financial influences that affect their representatives’ votes.

Why? We believe that democracy works best when it is the public’s interests that are at the forefront of their representatives’ minds when voting on policies – not the interests of a select few whose resources may eclipse the interests of many.

Role: Delivered new data driven interfaces to support Maplight journalism and data efforts

Design Reactor

HP & DVF Experience Lounge

A three-day, multi-media event to celebrate the second anniversary of Fashion’s Night Out

“Fashion’s Night Out was such an amazing success last year that we wanted to come up with a concept that would take it into the digital universe” ~Diane von Furstenberg

Role: Launched products that would go on to become offerings for Design Reactor thanks to the ease of maintenance and configurability

HP Experience Demonstration Center

The Experience is a one-stop facility that accommodates both small discussions and large briefing groups combining collaboration rooms, capability demonstrations and tours. The Experience provides our clients, prospective clients, and industry influencers with a unique interactive journey which helps them understand our people, our innovative spirit, and the powerful tools and best in class processes we use to help our clients operate at their agile best, anytime and anywhere.

Role: Produced the backend interface for content entry and consumption by the interactive touch screens

Aflorecer Art School and Retreat Center

At Aflorecer we will do more than meet each other. We will sing and dance and play. We will share meals, tell our life stories, and become friends. Above all, we will experience what it means to flourish.

Role: Provided technical consultation, presented template options and delivered website

KeyFax New Media: Digital Sound Factory

Digital Sound Factory was established in 2007 with a mission to provide high quality license free audio sound downloads for computer software synthesizer users.

Founder Timothy Swartz is a 20-year veteran producer of the E-mu Systems and Creative Technologies sound libraries. The successful Emulator and Proteus sound products were a result of numerous recording sessions, sound processing, and programming to achieve the ultimate musical results.

Role: Launched initial version of the site in 2007 in OsCommerce. The company has thrived over the last 12 years.